We Empower Decentralised Networks Through Self Sovereign Identity

We are a LAB and this is our Body of Work

Platform-D factor financing provides participating SMEs with immediate liquidity backed by digitally verified payment obligations through fully automated e-invoice tokenisation, atomic payment, and primary and secondary market negotiability. Non-repudiation of transactions is granted by a combination of digital signature, zero-knowledge cryptography and encryption in full compliance with the identity proofing processes, allowing for system's auditability yet granting users privacy by design

Verifiable Credential Authority is a SSI core infrastructure component designed to enable businesses to easily operate as Issuers and/or Verifiers according to a widely accepted SSI framework. VCA is an open source project accelerated by the first ESSIF-Lab Infrastructure Oriented Call.

LAMBDA is a next generation, interactive, multi-domain personal SSI Mobile Identity Wallet

Displaced Identity Recovery establishes an SSI-based framework such that a refugee, displaced or stateless person with partially or totally lost ID documentation can recover, rebuild or create ex-novo a DLT-based DID record carrying minimum low-security Verifiable Credentials sufficient to regain legal rights and social participation

Gaya is a web and mobile application to help professionals and companies to sign legally-binding agreements instantly and securely, from anywhere in the world, through the use of a private video conferencing system integrated with electronic signature and SSI services.

It’s an enterprise grade micro-ledger, helping companies to build a regulatory-grade set of notarised information


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