Gaya is a web and mobile application to help professionals and companies to sign legally-binding agreements instantly and securely, from anywhere in the world, through the use of a private video conferencing system integrated with electronic signature and SSI services. Read more...


Verifiable Credential Authority is a SSI core infrastructure component, designed to enable business actors to easily enter the SSI playground in the roles of trust anchors, accountable 3rd parties that, on a day-by-day basis, operate in the market as trust provider and a single source of truth regarding facts, claims, matter and any sort of information about physical and juridical persons.


Supply Chain Architecture leading to Enhanced Services. Scales aims at the creation of a national architecture of digital value-added services for businesses and public administration for electronic invoicing and electronic procurement
Co-financed by EU Connecting Europe Facility Programme. 
The project is published under EUPL (see repo on github)

Commercio Network

NYM designed the SSI Method for the Commercio Network Blockchain, a decentralised network providing an eIDAS inspired set of smart contract module to sign and exchange business documents among its participants