Business meets innovation 2019: NYM wins with Arianna, the “Black box” for R&D projects

Milan, November, the 28th - The Milan startup NYM won the title of "Overall Winner" of the 2nd edition of “Business meets innovation”, a startup contest organized by AHK Italien, solving the technology challenge "Arianna", launched by the Top Player Rödl & Partner Italy. NYM proposed a legal tech solution based on blockchain technology to track and monitor information and data related to research and development projects.


NYM is an innovative start-up focused on offering legal tech services and products, leveraging technologies such as self-sovereign identity, smart contract, and blockchain. Arianna, the winning project of the contest, which inherits the name of the technology challenge, is a software as a service that connects document management systems and business monitoring tools with a blockchain built with Cosmos, a technology that, NYM successfully tested in the design and implementation of Commercio.Network, a public blockchain for document exchange between SMEs. In addition, Arianna uses digital signatures with full legal value, complying with the European framework eIDAS, along with strong authentication and self-sovereign identity mechanisms used to identify each member of the research team and ensure the confidentiality of exchanged contents and messages.

in Arianna, the dashboard allows project managers to easily configure project Smart Contracts, in line with the baseline and milestones of the execution plan, so that achieved progress is automatically detected, stored and secured in the blockchain. Finally, the combination of blockchain and digital signatures protects companies and researchers, easily demonstrating the paternity and proof of existence of the ideas produced.

Egidio Casati, NYM CEO commented: "We are happy to have been able to offer our know-how on such an important issue for Italian companies. Arianna can really be a cross-cutting solution to further promote research in Italy, both in the private and in the academic and public sectors".

The blockchain in the Arianna is the super-partes tool, a real "black box" that, thanks to its immutability, transparency and security, supports companies and researchers in recomposing and demonstrating the costs and timescales of implementation, facilitating them in the process of obtaining tax refunds.

Thanks to:
- Roberto Ceresia, for Arianna video art director
- Carlo Flora, for Arianna video voice actor